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In our store you can buy live (real) visitors for your site. You can choose the volume of visits from 1000 to 1 000 000 - the higher the volume, the lower the rate for 1 thousand visitors.

Operating system - Bada
Geo-targeting - Ethiopia

Price per 1000: 2.07 Minimum volume: 100000. Sum: 207

Choose the final volume and cost of the order. The discount depends on the volume of the order.

Website address:

Quality parameters:

Streams of web traffic with low conversion - cheaper by 10%

All available streams, without quality filtering

Streams of web traffic with a conversion above the average, + 30% to cost

Streams of web traffic with excellent conversion, + 70% to cost

Time of the beginning of the advertising campaign:

Your time zone: UTC +3 (profile settings)

Parameters for quality analysis (UTM+):

What is UTM?

What is analyticsrate-tracker? This is a special parameter that allows the counter of analyticsrate.com to analyze the quality of visitors. We recommend installing the analyticsrate.com counter on your website. We will automatically return the funds in case of detecting poor-quality transitions to your site.
* In the process of analyzing the results of an advertising campaign, you will be able to install additional filters that limit the sources of web traffic.
** It is forbidden to attract traffic to web-sites that distribute malware.

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